Listener Statistics

A number of you asked for it, and we’ve answered – more comprehensive listener statistics. You now have a few extra options to help you gain some insight into your audience. 

Overall Listens can now be viewed in three ways: Past 3 Weeks, Last Year, and All Time.

Listens per Episode is a new addition. Individual episodes can also be viewed in the same three ways: Past 3 Weeks, Last Year, and All Time. This should help to give you a good look into how older episodes are performing.


In addition to the new statistics, we’ve improved how listens are calculated and added in filtering to remove obvious duplicate listens. You should now see a more accurate view of your audience.

As always, please let us know of any other features you’re wishing for and we’ll see if we can make them a reality. There’s a handful of other types of statistics we’re playing around with and we’ll let you know when those are ready!

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