Custom Sites, Domains, CSS, Typekit and More

Today marks a huge leap at Simplecast. Jon has just pushed new updates that include: hosted custom sites, the ability to use custom domains, support for sponsors, multiple users per account, Typekit integration, the ability to use your own custom CSS and a new annual pricing tier.

Custom Sites

One of the biggest challenges to starting a podcast or audio blog is having to setup or create a website to support it. Now all you have to do is upload your audio file and choose one of the many themes inside of Simplecast. Then you’re off and running.


Custom Domains

I’ve never had a project that didn’t need its own domain name separate from the platform. Simplecast is no different. Today, you can easily connect your site with your own custom domain name straight from your account.

Sponsor Support

One of the best ways to support your podcast or audio blog is through sponsorship. Now you can add sponsor logos and add links to whatever custom link they might provide.

Multiple Users

You asked and we listened. Most of the podcasts on the Simplecast platform have more than one person involved. Now you can have more than one person managing a single account.

Typekit Integration

What’s a website without our favorite site for serving up custom fonts? Typekit integration is now available for creating unique site font choices.

Custom CSS

If having a custom site, custom domain and custom fonts isn’t custom enough, you can now add your own CSS to customize your Simplecast site even further. Have a site for your existing podcast but want the ease of a Simplecast site? Grab your styles and port them right over.

Hats off to Jon for working so hard to push out these new features. We’ve always wanted these new updates and features in Simplecast, and finally today, they are a reality.

And guess what? They’re all available today at no extra cost! Enjoy!

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