Updated Players, Twitter Cards and Custom Favicons

Hello podcasters! A few noteworthy Simplecast updates to let you all know about.

Updated Audio Players

Dave Rupert recently made some great points about the need for a more podcast-specific audio player, and we agree, so we built it! Now, for any embedded Simplecast player, or for the player on your Simplecast website, you’ll see three new options: 30 second rewind, mute/unmute, and a 1x/1.5x/2x playback speed button.

They’re automatically disabled on mobile devices as feature support is limited at best. Additionally, you have the option to default to the older, simpler player if you’d like by changing the ‘Simplify Audio Player Controls’ setting in your ‘Podcast Settings’.

If you stick with it, you’ll see a player like this:


Twitter Cards

If you’re taking advantage of custom sites hosted through Simplecast, we now include all the necessary tags in your HTML to support Twitter Cards. Before they’re active though, you’ll still need to verify and request that your domain be approved. It’s a simple procedure. Once that’s done and approved, anytime a link to your site is tweeted, people will see a bit more information before they follow the link. Something a little bit like:


Custom Favicons

We know site customization if important. If you’d like to replace the favicon on your Simplecast hosted site with one of your choosing, you can now do just that! Simply upload a favicon image in your ‘Website Settings’ and we’ll serve it up in 3 sizes.

Everything’s available right now. More to come in the near future!

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