New Embed Players

We’re excited to announce our new family of embed players. We quietly launched this new suite of players two weeks ago and we are delighted to start seeing them used in the wild.

In keeping with everything else we build here at Simplecast, we asked ourselves what was important in a player for our customers and what were some features that the majority of listeners would use on a regular basis – and we eliminated the rest.

You will notice nice imagery now to enhance the listening experience and build the show’s brand even if the player is embedded somewhere other than your site. We also decided that it would be nice to accept donations to support your show no matter where it goes. If you have donations enabled for your show, the dollar icon will show for listeners to be able to pay through our Stripe integration.

Next, we added the iTunes badges directly into the players because we know that adding subscribers to your shows is the foundation to building your audience. We also knew that promoting our own brand wasn’t in your best interest as a host, so we opted to remove our own branding from the players.

New Large Player with Image Background

New Medium Player in Dark and Light

Small, Classic Players in Dark and Light

We really hope you enjoy these new players and we look forward to improving them along the way.

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