Team Simplecast Spotlight: Caitlin Van Horn

Meet Caitlin Van Horn, Simplecast's Marketing Manager!

Team Simplecast Spotlight: Caitlin Van Horn

Whether you've seen them in your inbox, at an event, or on a webinar, you've probably met someone on Team Simplecast! Here's your chance to get to know them a little better. Today we've got...

Caitlin Van Horn, Marketing Manager

Where do you live?


How long have you been working for Simplecast?

Since July.

What was the first podcast you listened to?

One of my friends saw I was reading Mary Roach's Stiff and told me I HAD to listen to Sawbones. She was right! Each week, Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin find weird and wonderful medical oddities through history. It's basically like an auditory Mütter Museum. Their episode on the CDC & medical censorship is super enlightening.

What's the last podcast you listened to?

I just listened to the first episode of Feasting on Design from Jason Frostholm, who used to host Creative South. In a past life I did marketing for both a brewery and a natural food company (where I met both Solange and Jimmy Carter, respectively)–so when they talk about sneaking product mockups into Whole Foods to see how they'd look among the competition, well, I've been there before.

What's your favorite thing to help customers with?

I love to help customers with growing their audience, but my absolute faaaavorite thing is helping podcast creators get set up for success when they're getting ready to lock down sponsorships! Don't know how to start reaching out, or who to look towards? Think you're too small to monetize? (Spoiler: no such thing!) Need help with your media kit? Drop me a line at!

What's one tip you wish you could give all podcasters?

MAKE A MEDIA KIT! This article from Bello is a perfect place to start–if you're looking to monetize, add some listener demographics and download data. But definitely have a media kit! Make it easy to get noticed!

What blog post/newsletter/youtube video/conference/etc has been the most inspiring or helpful to you?

Maybe this is cheating because I haven't gone yet, but the lineup for On Air Fest is killer, and the depth and breadth of the programming is really painting an amazing picture as far as what the audio landscape looks like.

Why did you start working in podcasting?

I saw a lot of similarities in the concerns of podcast creators & the people who enjoyed podcasts to the concerns of craft brewers and craft drinkers–I had a really educational few years working for Brooklyn Brewery, and beer nerd will always have a place in my heart. Something about the podcasting community felt very similar–a focus on scrappiness, independence, and a balance of art with technical craft, plus lots of raving fans!

What are you most excited to see in the podcasting world in the next year?

Lots and lots more audiodramas! I mostly read fiction, so I'm excited to see a proliferation of fictions podcasts of all stripes.

What's your favorite gas station snack?

Slim Jims!

Where's your next vacation spot?

I'm going to go hang out on the beach in San Juan for a few days–after that, maybe Tbilisi?

What skill are you trying to learn in 2019?

In 2018 I bought a loom, and have been working at that–I'm trying (and, you know, failing) to do a scarf a week in 2019, but even if I'm not hitting the goal of one a week, I'm definitely getting better!