Autumn 2022: Fall into These Crowdfunds

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It’s that time of the year where we change the clocks back to remind us to support independent audio drama! Daylight savings time? No. Podcast savings time. I once again return to my soapbox, decked out in Halloween gear, to tell you about these audio dramas. I will not step down until you give them money, and I will haunt you if necessary. Speaking of hauntings, it's important to remember how horror can show up across genres as well. It bleeds into thrillers, fosters strange worlds in science-fiction, and reflects from real-world terrors in fantasy. It isn't always the monster under the bed, but the monster in your head. Various frights await you in these shows – there’s a monster here for everyone.


Apollyon is a riveting sci-fi by Observer Pictures exploring life after a catastrophic pandemic (a different one). Right now, the team is crowdfunding season two on Ko-Fi with a goal of $5,000! Apollyon follows the aftermath of 75% of the world’s population being wiped out by the Apollyon virus. Dr. Theo Ramsey may have just discovered an effective vaccine for it, but the stakes of getting it to the public are higher than she ever imagined. Season one is out in full! You can listen to the first episode below and find transcripts here.
No set end date.


VALENCE is a serialized urban fantasy by Hug House Productions that deals with themes of abuse, trauma, queer identity, marginalization, rebellion, found family, breaking cycles, and hope. Right now the team is crowdfunding the third (and final) season of the show on Indiegogo with a goal of $16,000! The first two seasons introduced us to the company leading the market in magic suppression, and in this final season, we get to see how people across the country fight back. Supporters can get postcards, stickers, and digital bonus content! You can listen to the first episode below and find transcripts here. (Full disclosure: Our editor voice acts on this podcast.)
End date: 10/13

Spirit Box Radio

Spirit Box Radio is a horror story about a haunted radio show and its happy-go-lucky new host. Sam has no discernible talent for the Arcane Arts, having taken over the show only after the mysterious disappearance of the previous host. Despite Sam’s insistence that everything is fine, the past continually intrudes on the present, Sam must navigate this world of arcane creatures to piece it all together. The team is currently crowdfunding the third season on Indiegogo with a goal of £6,500! It will consist of 30 half-hour episodes that will conclude the Spirit Box story, but also be a complete story of its own as well. Supporters can get a shout-out in the credits of the show, a custom pin, and a digital bundle! You can listen to the first episode below and find transcripts here.
End date: 10/28

Tal is a nonbinary voice actor, sound designer, and fiction podcast producer. They're the creator of Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, Someone Dies In This Elevator, and several other productions that can be found hiding under rugs and around corners. Follow them on twitter @starplanes and find more of their work at