Best Practices for Social Sharing Your Podcast

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Whether you’re a new podcaster or have been a recording pro for years, there are so many questions that can come up and swirl around for helping your podcast succeed. There can be conflicting information when trying to figure out the best social sharing practices for you and your show, but when it comes down to it, creating the best social sharing practice isn’t as hard as you may think.

But what are the best social sharing practices to help your podcast succeed? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Start Thinking About Your Social Strategy Today
Even if you haven’t started recording yet, take some time to think about what your social sharing strategy is going to be. Social media algorithms can be tricky to navigate and are ever-changing,

What platforms is your audience present at? What platforms are going to be the best option for long-term growth and consistency? Focusing on one social media platform and designing a dedicated social strategy around that will help you to get better at sharing your podcast socially.

To start thinking about a social strategy, keep these questions in mind: How many times a week will you post? What kinds of posts? How many times will you promote recent episodes or blog posts?

Batching, Batching, Batching
I can’t stress this enough. Batching your smaller tasks will save you time and energy in the long run. When thinking about your social media strategy, dedicate a certain day and time each week (say, Sunday afternoon for two hours) to create the graphics, videograms, and other social media content that you’ll be posting. Doing the most work that you can upfront will make it simpler to upload consistently and be able to focus on creating quality content for your listeners.

Don’t Neglect Your Stories
Your audience enjoys your podcasts because of what your podcast topic is, sure. But what they really care about is who is behind the mic. Social media gives you the best opportunity to share a bit more of your personality than can be confined to your show.

And as an added bonus: Algorithms also show that viewers are more likely to see your content first on their Instagram feeds if they see your stories. So don’t neglect to post to your stories, even on days when you aren’t posting on your feed.

Social media also gives us the best opportunities to collaborate with like-minded peers. And for podcasts, the options are endless. Whether it’s an IG story takeover of another account, a Twitter chat under your hashtag, or a giveaway, collaboration is a great way to mutually reach out to your podcasting peers and build everyone’s platforms up mutually.

What are social sharing strategies that have worked for you?
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