Simplecast BIPOC Meetup and Luncheon

A Podcast Movement 2023 Recap

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Simplecast, together with the BIPOC Podcast Creators team, have hosted the BIPOC Meetup and Luncheon event at Podcast Movement for several years.The aim is to bring together this diverse community and its advocates to share experiences, best practices, new skills, and simply connect with knowledge and empathy. It is a lunch and networking event, where like-minded community members can forge new connections and renew old partnerships.

Group shot at the BIPOC Luncheon
A shot of the BIPOC luncheon table with covered hot dishes, salads, and a cute vase with decorative sticks
Another shot of the crowd for the BIPOC luncheon, seated at various tables in a large conference room
The BIPOC Creator Luncheon dessert table, including cannoli, tiramisu, and panna cotta
A crowd at the BIPOC Creator Luncheon in a large conference room, both in groups sitting at tables and standing
A shot of a selection of espresso tiramisu in small ramekins
A shot of a platter of various cannoli.
A close-up of the fancy vase with decorative sticks next to the covered hot dishes at the luncheon

BIPOC Podcast Creators is a Black and Latina-owned organization with the mission of connecting people with opportunities that will help amplify both the presence and stories of Black, Indigenous, and creators of color in podcasting. “We want to own our own narratives, so we can continue to build a legacy beyond the podcasting industry.” Co-founders Tangia Al-awaji Estrada and Maribel Quezada Smith are both experienced podcast creators and community organizers, who have long done the messy work of fighting for equity and change.

You can listen to our conversation with Tangia and Maribel at Podcast Movement 2023 below!


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