Blue Wire Sports Network Partners with Simplecast

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The podcasting industry is ripe for innovation, especially when it comes to bringing new voices to broader audiences. That's why we're so excited to partner with Blue Wire, a sports podcasting network of over 85 original podcasts. Blue Wire "create[s] and aggregate[s] sports podcasts for younger fans who have been underserved from local radio and national podcasting." We know that podcasting is a growing medium, but it's so encouraging to watch companies make high-quality, engaging shows for the next generation of podcast listeners.

Besides just reaching new audiences, Blue Wire is also amplifying new voices — rather than relying on established personalities, they've tapped beat-reporters, bloggers, super fans, athletes, independent journalists, broadcasters, comedians and internet personalities to host their shows. It's a testament to Blue Wire's commitment to diversity that their team has 40 different podcasters on the network who are women or of color. The depth and breadth of Blue Wire's content — including shows covering NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Premier League, College Football, College Basketball, Fantasy, and Gambling — means that they can offer year-round programming for sports fans.

For networks like Blue Wire, being able to make informed, data-backed decisions about content is imperative — and with a foundation of Simplecast's best-in-class podcasting analytics, we make it easy to do so. Combining those analytics with our agile team permissions, new dynamic audio injection (more on that, soon!), and the industry’s leading Customer Success team means that brands like Blue Wire can focus on content and growth, and leave the rest up to us.

Supporting innovative brands with the resources and infrastructure they need is just one of the many reasons so many leading networks and enterprises choose Simplecast. We can't wait to see what Blue Wire does next!

Are you a brand, agency, or network looking for a professional podcasting solution? Simplecast can help! Let's talk about what's next for you and your shows.