We Never Do This (Yep, it’s a Cyber Monday Sale!)

1 min read

Now’s the best time to start your new show with Simplecast.

Happy holidays! Whether it’s your first podcast or your next one, this is the best time of year to get started on Simplecast–and save some money in the process!  We wanted to announce our Cyber Monday sale early so that you could take all the time you need to do your research and start a trial.

Let’s get to what you actually came here for–the deal! Use code CYBERMONDAY when you start a trial for 50% off your new show's first three months on our Basic, and, yes, Growth, and Essential plans. This is the only time we discount our higher-tier plans. The fine print here is that it’s only for new shows on the plans named above, and cannot be combined with other discounts, or used for Professional or Legacy plans. All good? Great. This offer is valid until 11:59PM EST on Dec 2.

Simplecast powers some of the most well-known brands, agencies, studios, and creators making podcasts today–everyone from Dax Shephard and Kate Hudson to Nike to Politico to Facebook–and we’re excited to bring our suite of bar-raising analytics and all-star support to even more creators! Three months of Simplecast will bring your new show into the new year, so be sure to drop us a line to tell us all about it!