Control the Impact of Your Ads With Frequency Capping

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There’s no doubt that ads engage podcast listeners. Over 80% say they pay attention to the ads they hear in podcasts. 

While that’s great news for podcasters and advertisers alike, we also know it’s important for podcasters not to oversaturate their listeners with the same ads to provide the best listening experience possible. But how, you ask? 

Frequency Capping.

What is Frequency Capping?

Frequency capping is a capability used to deliver the best possible campaign results without impacting listener experience, especially if your audience is typically resistant to ads and experiences stronger ad fatigue or is used to a lighter ad load within podcasts.

An easy way to understand frequency capping is to ask yourself, during a two or four-week campaign, how often has your listener heard the same ad? How about the amount of time you hear a single ad per podcast episode? 

If you’re overwhelmed by the number, your listener probably is, too. Frequency capping eliminates the possibility of your audience dropping the episode out of annoyance or poor listener experience by using multiple frequency capping options. More on that below.

Key Benefits of Frequency Capping

  • Deliver quality ad experiences to stay clear from intrusive advertising and avoid compromising your campaign performance.
  • Diminish ad fatigue by eliminating the risk of overexposing listeners and avoiding advertising burnout.
  • Keep your listeners engaged with our multiple frequency capping options to distribute ads in hours, days, weeks, and even months.
  • Help advertisers increase conversion rates and achieve a higher unique reach by not targeting the same listeners multiple times.  

By leveraging the comprehensive AdsWizz ad tech and ad delivery logic integrated into our product, you can make this possible—in just a few clicks.

A Glimpse of Frequency Capping

Frequency capping gives podcasters more control and flexibility, helping you develop an improved frequency-capping strategy that factors in the uniqueness of podcast advertising.  

Regardless of length, it’s easy to specify how many times ads are delivered to each listener over a single podcast episode. Choose from multiple options, including episode and time-specific requests as long as a month and as close to an hour. 

Let the power of frequency capping help you monetize while automating your workflow. 

Plus, you can breathe easy knowing your listener journey will be enjoyable and that they’ll keep coming back. 

For more information on Frequency Capping or to try it for yourself, reach out to a member of our Sales team. 

If you are not on the Professional or Enterprise plans today, drop us a line here to talk about accessing this feature and so much more.