Transform Your Future Episodes Into Instant Ad Opportunities

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To help you maximize the monetization potential of your planned podcast episodes, we created Future Episode Targeting, available in either our Professional or Enterprise tier with monetization capabilities. 

This new multi-layered capability enables you to automatically create and schedule your future episodes for up to one year in advance and then select and target specific future episodes for your advertising campaigns in just a few clicks, sans first-party data or publication dates.

It focuses on creating a unique identifier for future episodes by combining the podcast series name with the anticipated release date. 

For example, if a podcast series is called “Around the World News,” and the next episode is expected to be released on May 1, 2024, the naming convention would be ‘aroundtheworldnews_2024-04-15’. 

This unique Episode ID ensures campaigns will continue to target the episode even if the publication date is changed.

Not only are your episodes easy to read and find, but they are targetable before they are even released. Think how helpful this can be for a pre-planned sponsorship campaign.

This is all thanks to a synchronized podcast CMS. This feature connects Simplecast with AdsWizz’s industry-leading campaign management and monetization system. This combination merges a powerful automated episode creation and scheduling process with robust forecasting and targeting capabilities.

Plus, it grants direct access to the world’s largest podcast marketplace. 

Some Other Perks

  • Maximize your revenue and monetization potential: Unlock new revenue sources via ad campaign targeting.
  • Effective and flexible delivery: Ensure ads are delivered to the right episodes from the first download, regardless of publication dates and possible changes in the release schedule. Additionally, schedule episodes up to three months in advance relative to just the present day.
  • Optimized, 360-degree forecasts: Leverage highly accurate forecasts for your published or future podcast episodes. Future Episodes Targeting shows you a glimpse of the potential of every podcast episode.
  • Streamlined workflow: See all podcast episodes available for targeting and choose the episodes you want to target in your campaign.
  • Enhance listener experience: Align ads with relevant episodes to help advertisers increase the likelihood of reaching listeners interested in their products or services.

As a podcast publisher, you now have all of the capabilities to decide how you want to target your campaign—on one single platform.

An Example of How You Can Utilize Future Episode Targeting

Your podcast features an interview with an author about their latest book, but it doesn't release for another six weeks. To promote the release—and, more importantly for you, gain more traffic with a timely episode—you can now use Future Episode Targeting to monetize the episode ahead of the release.

Why Future Episode Targeting and Why Now? 

By implementing these enhancements, you will have a more precise, efficient, and user-friendly experience, enabling you to target future episodes, ensure accurate forecasting, and save time. 

With a data-packed glimpse into the future, you can build campaigns months before your episodes are released, transforming your advertising and monetization strategy. 

Enjoy improved campaign performance, higher revenues, and enhanced client satisfaction.

Learn more about Future Episode Targeting here.

If you are not on the Professional or Enterprise plans today, drop us a line here to talk about accessing this feature and so much more.