Genuina Media: Investing in Hispanic Podcasters with Cross-Promotion

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Meet David Roemer González, Co-Founder and CEO of Genuina Media, a podcast network focused on bringing Hispanic podcasts together and connecting podcasts with visionary brands. Genuina Media hosts Spanish language podcasts and Hispanic-led podcasts, and has a global audience, including listeners from the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Spain, and more.

Tripeando: Encuentra tu elemento, one of Genuina Media's podcasts featuring David Roemer González as co-host along with Paulina Ruiz Leycegui and Iñigo Alegría Gómez.

Over a third of the podcasts in the Genuina Media network are monetizing on Simplecast. Since podcasts with audiences in Latin America or Europe rarely monetize, David emphasized the importance of adapting Hispanic content for a US audience to give these podcasts a chance to monetize through programmatic ads.

Before migrating to the Simplecast platform, David tried ad-based solutions and encouraged brands in Latin America to try advertising on podcasts. This approach took some time, but it has given those brands a taste of the benefits of podcast advertising. Working with Simplecast has provided Genuina Media the opportunity to run experimental campaigns with a limited number of impressions.

When choosing a monetization solution, David sought out a hosting platform that cared about Hispanic audiences and that was actively investing in creating demand for those audiences. He highlighted Simplecast as an ally in helping Hispanic podcasts monetize in the United States. Thanks to Simplecast, Genuina Media has been able to run a successful cross-promotion program between its shows, helping each one of them to grow and eventually monetize.

Since joining Simplecast, podcast growth and downloads have increased in most Genuina Media podcasts via the cross-promotion program. Simplecast provides the opportunity to help Hispanic podcasters earn revenue from programmatic ads, which was not possible prior to Genuina Media migrating its podcast shows to the platform.

Genuina Media’s goal for the rest of the year is to continue fostering the growth of Hispanic podcasters and to continue monetizing their content. With the help of Genuina Media and Simplecast, David believes that creators can focus on what really matters: creating valuable content.

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