Hosting Reviews: Simplecast vs. SoundCloud

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Whether solving a cold case with some mysterious clues or listening in to the latest Bachelor gossip, there’s ultimately a podcast for everyone that covers any imaginable genre. As a podcast creator, you're probably deep in the weeds of deciding what podcast host is right for you.

Established in 2007, Soundcloud has been a worldwide leader for online audio distribution for well over a decade. With this reputation, the choice might seem like a no-brainer. But Soundcloud has its setbacks.


The platform does have a free subscription option; however, you will not have access to many features with the free program. We find that most people eat up their downloads relatively quickly, and then start looking for a new host once again. After all, you will end up spending more to host your podcast with its upload and download limits.

With Simplecast’s platform, you can distribute your podcast to several channels like Apple and Spotify. Simplecast's tiered plans allow you to customize your paid subscription to meet your needs, so you are never paying more for unwanted tools, and are always sure you have the features you need.


Starting out in the podcast world can be scary so you need the right platform to support you every step of the way. Simplecast has seven-day-a-week experts on hand to help you with anything to need, whether you need assistance with uploading your podcast or you are having technical issues.

You might think Soundcloud does the same, since the company is so large. Nevertheless, podcaster on SoundCloud may find the support lacking. This is especially unfortunate because so many new, inexperienced podcasters turn to Soundcloud first, as it’s the platform with which they are most familiar. The fact of the matter, though, is that SoundCloud isn't a podcast host–it isn't built with podcasters' needs in mind, and that includes support.

SoundCloud's Apple Podcast Categories

A podcast distribution platform needs to be modern and user-friendly. Currently, SoundCloud does not allow users to use updated Apple podcast listings. This can decrease a podcast's discoverability, and stop them from being featured on the Apple Podcasts chars. There are no signs that this will change anytime soon.

With Simplecast, clients receive access to the most up-to-date listings not only from Apple but the top audio distributors and streaming services in the industry. Ever wondering how your podcast is performing? With Simplecast analytic reports, you can see which episodes of your podcasts are the most popular, number of views as well as other viewing behaviors.

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