How to Build a Perfect Podcast Website

2 min read

With so many apps available for listening to our favorite podcasts, is creating a podcast website really worth it? For a few different reasons: yes. Not only is a great place for your fans to find all the information they need, but it also gives you another place to shine to newcomers, as well as helping with podcast SEO. But is the juice worth the squeeze? After all, you're focused on putting out new episodes, and you're a podcast creator, not a website developer (or maybe you're both!). Luckily for you, with Simplecast, we make it pretty easy to have a gorgeous site up in no time.

So what does your website need to succeed? Read on to learn more.

Website must-haves

At the very least, your website should include a brief description of your show, links to your social media handles, your podcast artwork, and embedded players for your show. You should also include links to wherever your listeners might want to subscribe–Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. Simplecast users get a lot of this heavy lifting done for them, down to their website auto-magically displaying Apple Podcasts if someone is visiting on an iPhone, or Google Podcasts if they're on Android.

(Want to see what a Simplecast site can look like? Check out one of our favorites.)

Creative control

Control over your branding is a necessity–basically, your site should look like yours, and it should reflect the tone of your show. If someone saw your website without your show art, they should still be able to guess it's yours. On a Simplecast site,  under “Site Setting & Design,” you have the power to change the theme, accent color, and texture of the design of your homepage.

You can use the URL Simplecast provides or a previously purchased custom domain. If you so choose, you can also switch to an Alternate Show Website that will appear at the top of your RSS feed and/or link your site to others you own, such as on

Important features

A trailer based on your first or favorite episode is a great introduction to your podcast. For people who have never heard your show before, it's the avenue through which potential subscribers can discover what your podcast is all about. Make sure it's displayed prominently so any potential subscribers can quickly and easily find out what you're all about.

The Simplecast Show Player automatically adds new episodes for listeners to access and provides instant subscription and sharing options. It can be embedded on other sites, such as, if that's where you find you have a large audience.

Want to spread the word about your show on social? Simplecast's Recast allows both you and your listeners to create clips of their favorite segments of your podcast to share with friends.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO plays a major role is getting your podcast out there. Be conscious of how your titles, descriptions, and episode notes all tie together to create a cohesive brand. The more optimized these are, the easier it is for people to find you–and they are much more likely to stick around.

Have a Google Analytics ID? Paste it under “Advanced” in your settings in order to track web traffic to see where referrals are coming from.

Your podcasting HQ

Since Simplecast is dedicated to podcasting, creating a website through us ensures that every detail is focused on your podcast and its success. This site-specificity makes it even more search engine friendly. A website will be the headquarters for all your episodes, related links, and other information, and because Simplecast is well-adapted to mobile devices, listeners can access your site wherever they go.