How to Convince Your Boss a Podcast Is Right for You

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Given the rising popularity of podcasts, it makes sense that businesses large and small would want to get their own off the ground. That’s you, right? And what about your boss? Running into some push-back there? No worries. We aim to give you all the tools to convince your boss to let your inner Marc Maron go wild.

Less about the product, more about you

Branded podcasts do their best work when they’re about more than just the product, whatever it is.

Isn’t there an amazing initiative your company does that you wish got more airtime? Or do you have customers you’d love to highlight who are doing inspiring things with your company? Maybe you’re looking to boost the profile of your C-suite.

All of these are amazing content sources for a podcast that might not make sense in the rest of your content mix. A podcast is the perfect place to tell the stories that are happening on the growth edge of your business. Let your marketing stretch a little, and get creative! There’s no better place to do that than a podcast.

Now, before you talk to your boss, make sure you’ve got an outline of what a potential season can look like–the main thesis of the show, some sample episodes, run time, proposed guests, and maybe even a first pass at art.

But what about our blog?

Imagine this: you’ve brought your podcast idea to your boss. They listen, then lean back and say six dreaded words:

“Don’t we already have a blog?”

Don’t panic! You got this. Yes, you’ve got a blog. But everyone has a blog. Podcasts prove that you’re a modern company that’s constantly innovating.  Beyond that, companies like Spotify and Google Podcasts are making huge investments into podcasts–don’t you want to be ahead of the curve when platforms start prioritizing podcasts like they did with video?

(Plus you can’t read a blog when you’re driving to work, washing dishes, or riding the subway.)

Adding podcasts to your content marketing mix helps you reach an audience that your blog isn’t serving–and isn’t a bigger audience a good thing? Especially when 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K – vs 35% for the total population?

Get friendly with your customers

Building a meaningful relationship with your target audience can be tricky–how do you come across as personable, without being phony?

If most of your communication is written, your brand’s voice is being flattened, and there’s a certain level of depth missing from your communication–think about how hard it is to tell if someone's mad at you over text message.

However, there’s a reason that podcasting is called an “intimate” medium so often that it’s basically a cliche–and that reason is because it’s true! Is there a better way to communicate with a potential customer than by speaking directly into their ear? Okay, sure, that might sound a litttttttle creepy–which is why your podcast shouldn’t be just an onslaught of marketing speak and should be, you know, interesting.

Let’s talk ROI

Here’s where any potential discussion might come to a screeching halt. While the benefits sound great, any member of leadership is likely going to wonder about potential costs.

Thankfully, you showed up with a spreadsheet and a budget. Right?

(Always have a proposed budget!)

In this case, we actually suggest making two–an equipment budget, and a time/resource budget. Your equipment budget should cover things like a microphone, hosting (hi!), audio editing software, headphones, and maybe some soundproof blankets.

Your resource budget should include the time for pre-production, recording, production time, and post-production time. Quantify these by hours, with your best guess about who will be doing them. (Audio editing can go on your $ budget if you’re outsourcing, resources budget if you’re doing it in-house).

Besides the budget, you’ll need some proposed metrics. How will you measure success? Maybe you have a listener-only discount code. You can check how many people use that. Maybe you’ll check impressions and reach of your content. Maybe you’re just looking at straight downloads! Whatever your metrics are, make a list and a proposed timeframe for measuring them.

Feel prepared? Good! Go get ‘em.

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