International Podcast Creators & Networks You Should Know About

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Since the early 2000s, podcasts have enjoyed increased popularity. Statistics show that 51% of the US population have listened to a podcast, and that 22% listen to podcasts weekly. What’s more, there are currently over 750,000 podcasts–up from 525,000 in 2018! And plenty of those podcasts are coming from outside of the United States.

Now that the general public has caught the podcast fever, we feel that it is our duty to direct you toward some international podcast networks that are doing great work.

What is a Podcast Network?

Many of your favorite podcasts are produced by larger businesses called podcast networks. In the US, some of the most popular networks include Wondery, Earwolf, Nerdist, and PodcastOne.

Networks produce and feature a large number of podcasts; some networks even stick to a theme of sorts. For example, Wondery is all about story-telling, Earwolf features celebrity guests, Nerdist talks about movies and TV shows, and PodcastOne covers a wide range of topics and categories.

These are just a few examples of the many networks and topics that are out there, and only include companies based in the US. Podcasting is an international affair, so it's time to check out some of the great podcast networks around the world!

Networks in Latin America

  • Adonde Media: Founded by Chilean producer Martina Castro, Adonde Media offers podcast hosts the resources they need to tell their story with high quality sound and effective distribution.
  • Radio Ambulante: In 2011, Radio Ambulante was founded to tell distinctly Latin American stories. It is now distributed by NPR and has a Latin American staff who live all over the world.
  • Argentina Podcastera: This network hosts dozens of podcasts from 16 different Spanish-speaking countries! It includes an extremely wide range of topics - everything from comedy to psychology to politics and more! Argentina Podcastera was founded by Mariano Pagella.
  • Así como sueno: Based in México City, Así como sueno is committed to telling stories that deserve to be heard. They talk about everything from politics and crime to love and everyday life.
  • Posta: Posta is an Argentinian podcast network that boasts many sponsors and has a high level of support from radio hosts. Posta has unique content including podcasts on film and culture.

Networks in Australia

  • Auscast Network: Claiming the title of “Australia’s coolest podcast network,” Auscast is one of the most popular networks in Australia. It also hosts the The Adelaide Podcast Festival for podcasters to present their work in person and meet fans and colleagues.
  • Curio: According to their website, “Curio is dedicated to bringing you rare, unusual, and intriguing content.” One of their particularly intriguing podcast titles is “How to Win Loot and Influence Dragons,” a roleplaying podcast now on Episode 45.
  • Diamantina Media: This network collaborates with businesses to create interesting podcasts and uses them for marketing purposes in Australia. Their partners include KFC, Squarespace, Netflix, and many other popular brands.
  • AlottaGreen: AlottaGreen podcast network features podcasts on gaming, sports, crime, music, comedy, and film. They aim to support podcasters by having high quality resources and to support businesses through advertising.
  • Bad Producer Productions: Bad Producer Productions specializes in podcasts and they self-produce their work. They are committed to telling stories they love and operate with an incredible staff of only two people: Jay Mueller and Astrid Edwards.

Networks in the UK

  • Shoutout Network: Founded by Efe Jerome in 2014, Shoutout Network is “a space for young people from rough backgrounds to tell their stories.” Two of their podcasts include “Not Another Book” which shares “popular and unpopular opinions about the books you love” and “Wolves in the City” which is geared towards queer black men.
  • Podnose: Podnose features over 40 shows and claims to be “the UK’s leading independent entertainment podcast network.” The people behind Podnose are committed to independent podcasts in the UK. Some of their features include “Idiots of Facebook,” “Jaffa Cakes for Proust,” and “The Awesome Comics Podcast.”
  • BBC Podcasts: In addition to BBC’s extensive news, media, and film outlets, they host many different podcasts. These podcasts cover everything from history to entertainment and everything in between.
  • Simply Scottish: Hosted by Andrew McDiarmid, an Edinburgh native, Simply Scottish hosts several series of podcasts talking about music and Scotland. Although not a network in the strictest sense, Simply Scottish is unique in that one podcaster hosts several different series.
  • The Headstuff Podcast Network: Headstuff prioritizes collaboration and features work by many different contributors. Podcasts are a large part of their output, and their vibrant community of contributors makes Headstuff a great place to find inspiring creativity.

Think Outside the Box–and the U.S!

This just scratches the surface when it comes to great podcasts being produced all over the world! Be sure to think outside the box when it comes to choosing which podcast to listen to next. The options are limitless, and you may be surprised by what you find, and where you find it!