Introducing the New Simplecast Professional Tier

From creation to monetization, we're giving creators more control

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Today’s announcement is an important milestone for Simplecast. We are excited to release a new Simplecast Professional product that gives podcasters greater transparency and control over listener experience and monetization.

Introducing Simplecast Professional Tier, which combines the power of Simplecast’s content management tools with AdsWizz’s monetization technology. Today, we also officially joined the AdsWizz family; more on that below.

The Nitty-Gritty 

The new Simplecast Professional Tier contains powerful new features for podcasters, whether seasoned pros or podcasters new to monetization, to ensure you have the tools needed to manage your business on your terms. This solution has an intuitive user interface to help you easily navigate the entire workflow, from publishing content to monetizing your podcasts. 

By combining a streamlined publishing system with best-in-class advertising technology—including inventory forecasting, audience targeting, and advanced control mechanisms for ad quality—with listener-centric dynamic ad insertion, industry-leading monetization, and immediate revenue streams from one of the leading podcast advertising marketplaces, Simplecast catapults podcast into success, starting from your first listen to a million and beyond.

Key Features Spotlight: 

Comprehensive Content Management

Through our intuitive user interface, you can access everything you need to remain in control of all the moving parts impacting your podcast. You can gain insights into your audience, show’s performance, ad effectiveness, and revenue numbers–all in one place. Additionally, our platform is IAB certified so that you can have confidence in the quality of the downloads that are reported.

Streamlined Campaign Management

You can choose where ads will appear and have full control over setting/adjusting your ad markers at the show or episode level. With baked-in ad replacement, you'll maximize earnings from your back catalog for sustained profitability and audience satisfaction. You can also automate the selling of Host-Read ads—with just one brief, you can deliver host-read ads on multiple podcasts that reach millions of listeners.

Complex Monetization Made Simple

By combining Simplecast technology with AdWizz’s award-winning monetization tech, you can monetize content through direct sales campaigns or across the AdsWizz Podcast Marketplace that connects savvy buyers to your podcast content.

Breathe easy, knowing you have what it takes to expand your campaign reach and get specific with multiple targeting parameters, including behavioral, contextual (privacy-friendly), age, and gender. You can also tap into a vital feature like frequency capping in order to minimize ad fatigue, increase your unique reach, and enhance the listener experience. 

Other unique and powerful features now at your fingertips include Ad Quality Control to manage and control the ads your listeners are exposed to by blocking certain advertiser categories, brands, or languages. You can also make future episodes available for advertising campaigns months before they’re published. 

Podcasts are unique in everything from audiences and topics to revenue potential. To help you optimally monetize each show and increase your revenue, Simplecast created a Floor Price per Show. This new capability enables you to set a different floor price for each show and align it with its profit potential. Key benefits include maximized revenue, flexible monetization, and streamlined workflow.

Lastly, getting transparent reporting shouldn’t be hard. Our custom reporting solution contains easy-to-understand data that allows you to measure your results by fill rate, eCPM, impressions, downloads, inventory, and more. Real-time reporting, including for the AdsWizz Marketplace, allows you to see what revenue you are earning every day while understanding key metrics of that monetization. All this is to help you make informed decisions when monetizing your content.

Simplecast Becomes Part of AdsWizz 

The introduction of the Simplecast Professional Tier also brings exciting changes to our brand. We are excited to announce that the Simplecast team and technology are officially part of the AdsWizz family. The Simplecast platform is now the AdsWizz flagship content management system (CMS) for podcast creators of any size. 

Marrying the technology behind the Simplecast platform and AdsWizz’s industry-defining monetization platform provides more support for your business at every step of your podcasting journey than you’ve ever had before.

Contact Sales to learn more about Simplecast Professional Tier today.