Join us at Podcast Movement 2019!

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We love the chance to connect with podcasters across the world–that's why we're so happy to be sponsoring Podcast Movement for the third year in a row! Here's where we'll be–make sure to say hi!

New Attendee Orientation

Tuesday, August 13th
Session 1: 9:00-11:00am
Session 2: 3:00-5:00pm

Whether you're a first timer at Podcast Movement, or just looking to get back into the swing of things, this session is for you! The morning before Podcast Movement officially kicks off, you'll have the chance to learn from PM veterans the best way to make the most out of Podcast Movement meet a few hundred podcasters a day early to boot! Podcast Movement, with over 100 sessions and 200 speakers, can be very intimidating. But with the help of our session leaders, and a number of previous guests, you'll be ready to rock when Wednesday morning begins!

Simplecast in the Expo Hall

All PM19 long!

Stop by the Booth #415 to see the Simplecast team, and get a look at the industry-leading analytics and podcast management platform that's powering some of the biggest names in podcasting.

Podcasting Goes to Hollywood

Wednesday, August 14th

As podcasts are made into TV shows, movies get their own companion podcasts, and the creative forces behind TV and film hits move into podcasts (and vice versa!) it's worth asking: how does podcasting interact with traditional media? And where do current podcast creators fit in to that ecosystem? Join Brad Smith (Simplecast), Matthew Whitehurst (The Hollywood Reporter), Sim Sarna (Cloud10), Dan Ferris (CAA), and Rae Votta (Netflix) to discuss what's next for podcasting.

Podcasters of Color Networking Happy Hour

Wednesday, August 14th

Join us on Wednesday, August 14th after the panels but before the parties for the official Podcasters of Color networking happy hour. We'll have giveaways, special guests, and more.

Headshots at the Simplecast Booth

Thursday, August 15th

Need a new photo for your pitch deck, media kit, or website? We'll have photographers at the Simplecast booth (#415) taking professional headshots all day Thursday! First come, first served.

Thursday, August 15th

As a newer medium, podcasting has endless opportunities to be a more equitable place. But podcasting doesn’t exist in a bubble, which means it can also repeat the same mistakes of other mediums–including perpetuating wage and monetization gaps. Join Jeanine Wright (Simplecast) and Amira Valliani ( to discuss how wage gaps in podcasting are happening, what other mediums & systems podcasting is replicating, and what we can do from inside and outside our own networks to mitigate it.

The Future of Podcasting is Community

Thursday, August 15th

Podcasts offer the one thing content can't buy: community. Through powerful stories and compelling ideas, podcasts can offer people a sense of belonging and stability in an increasingly unstable world. Join Brad Smith, CEO of Simplecast, Jenny Kaplan and Shira Atkins from Wonder Media Network, and Zachary Davis, VP of Premium Content at Himalaya Media as they discuss strategies for creating content and employing tools to build passionate podcast communities.