New! Multiple RSS Feeds Are Here!

1 min read

We’re big fans of RSS feeds around here. They’re the bedrock of podcasting, and one of the things that makes this medium so special and–well, we could go on, but this blog is mainly to let you know since we love RSS feeds so much, we decided to give you a few more of them.

You may have already seen the change in your Simplecast Dashboard, but if you haven’t: check it out! You can add your second (or third, or fourth, depending on your plans) by hitting the gear icon, going to Show Settings, and clicking Distribution.

What’s next is up to you! With this new feature, you can both clone feeds (if you plan to keep the content the same) or create a feed dedicated to entirely new content–like bloopers, outtakes, Q&As, and extras.

Want more information? You can check out our knowledge base article here.

Want to explore what you can do with multiple RSS feeds? Keep your eyes peeled on the blog!