Our Favorite Apple Podcasts 2019

2 min read

2019 has been a great year for podcasting and this year, Apple podcasts brought us some shows that made us laugh, cry, and gasp in amazement. Pull out your phone, head to Apple Podcasts, and get ready to download some shows because the podcasts below will send you on a listening spree.

Secrets of the Most Productive People

Do you ever feel like you’re in a cycle of work, multitasking, sleep, and email? The Fast Company editors Kate Davis and Anisa Purbasari Horton saw this was a problem and made a podcast about it. Their show, Secrets of the Most Productive People, examines how people get things done and looks at how people approach the challenges of modern work.

I’ll Be There For You

I'll Be There For You, named after the FRIENDS theme song or the Bon Jovi anthem depending on your taste, is a podcast that puts a twist on traditional pop culture podcasts. The host, Lindsay Eanet, brings people on the show to discuss aspects of pop culture that have gotten them through difficult times. The podcast feels like a community of friends sharing how they take care of themselves in times of turmoil and how pop culture can shine a light on a more empathetic world.

Feasting On Design

If you work in any creative capacity, then you need to listen to Feasting On Design. This creative podcast by Jason Frostholm features designers, illustrators, photographers, chefs, and more on how they use their creative talents. Engaging, inspiring and informative, are just a few words we’d use to describe the show. You’ll leave each episode feeling a bit more creative.

Future Thinkers

What does the future of humanity hold, and how can we help create it? This is undoubtedly a big question and it’s one that Euvie Ivanova and Mike Gilliland aim to discuss on their podcast Future Thinkers. The duo invite guests onto their show to discuss everything from artificial intelligence and virtual reality to transhumanism and consciousness. Sometimes mind blowing, other times controversial, Future Thinkers provides a window into seeing the world differently.

The Food Programme

Enter into an intricate world of history, stories, and food with BBC’s The Food Programme podcast. Each episode takes you on a journey to a corner of the world where you’ll explore a new aspect of food and history. It almost feels like you’re watching a movie when you listen because each episode is a rich audio experience filled with interviews, music, and various sounds of food. This is one of those podcasts that will have you constantly refreshing the apple podcast app searching for new episodes.

Encyclopedia Womannica

Another excellent show you can find on the apple podcast app is Encyclopedia Womannica. This podcast is a welcomed daily history lesson about different women throughout time. Each 5 minute episode, looks at the impact a woman had on history and shines meaningful insights on their life. This is a great daily podcast for anyone who has a morning commute.