Our Favorite Educational Podcasts For Kids

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Of course, stories aren't going anywhere any time soon–but podcasts offer children a new way to engage not only with technology, but with the world as a whole.

1. Short and Curly

This is a podcast packed with fun facts for kids who may have questions they’d never felt brave enough to ask. Suitable for all ages, the hosts of the podcast investigate dilemmas that apply to kids (for instance, is it okay to bully or fight? Do we have to love our siblings?). This podcast sneaks some ethics in with its entertainment.

2. Tumble

Imagine kid-friendly Radio Lab. Do your kids who want to learn  about science? The hosts, who include a science journalist and a teacher, interview scientists about their notable discoveries and their experiences in the lab or field. This podcast is suitable for kids of any age.

3. Brains On

This is best for ages 6 to 12; however, it can be attractive to kids of all ages who are curious. Brains On teaches a different science lesson in each episode and is co-hosted by kid scientists and reporters from public radio. Topics covered are exciting enough to keep your kids engaged and educated, from why we sneeze to the history of farts–among other fun questions.

5. Book club for kids

Best for tweens and teens. Every episode features a celebrity book-lover and an interview with authors. This podcast is for kids who are voracious readers–kids even get to share their favorite book recommendation.

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