Five Podcasting Classes to Get Your Show Off the Ground and to Your Listeners

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Whether you have a brilliant idea that you want to turn into a podcast, or you’ve already produced a few episodes of a show, you could probably benefit from tips and strategies from podcasting experts to improve your craft.

The amazing thing about podcasting is that the community is pretty open and generous with their experience. Online podcasting classes and workshops are a great way to help you learn how to podcast and develop a new show. Sure, you can test-and-learn your way to a great show, but you can also cut down on the time that process takes by stealing some tips from the pros.

(This also isn’t to say that there isn’t a wealth of free podcasting information out there–there is! But if you want something a little more structured and a lot more in-depth, read on.)

Here are five podcasting classes that can help you create, launch, and market your show:

1. Let [a podcast] Out Workshop

If any workshop can help you get your show off the ground, it is Let [a podcast] Out. If you have a podcast idea, but you are not sure how to make it a reality, this workshop will get you started.

Let [a podcast] Out has eight how-to modules designed to show you how to host, produce, and launch a podcast. You can listen to hours of interviews and lectures from top podcasters, vocal coaches, sound engineers, and other leaders in the podcasting world. As you work through the modules at your own pace, you can take advantage of resources like scripts and interview templates while completing homework to help you stay on track.

This workshop also allows you to hear detailed lectures and even experience two live coaching calls with expert Katie Dalebout of Let It Out Podcast. Dalebout, who started Let It Out in 2013, has produced over 250 episodes of her podcast. She created Let [a podcast] Out to share advice, strategies, and information that can help new podcasters find success with their podcasts as well.

If you have no clue how to develop a podcast, or you want strategies to help improve your podcasts listenership, this workshop is a great resource. Beginning podcasters will benefit from the guided homework, lectures, and resources, and will walk away with a practical plan for moving their show forward.

2. How to Write a Podcast Marketing Plan

Already have a podcast in the works, or feel like you’re hitting a plateau, listener-wise? How to Write a Podcast Marketing Plan is just what it says on the tin, created by podcaster Amanda McLoughlin. This class serves as a step-by-step guide to developing a marketing strategy to find your audience and get them to care.

An experienced podcast creator, McLoughlin co-hosts Spirits Podcast and Join the Party. She is also the creator of Multitude Productions, a podcast collective that has several shows and helps podcasters produce, edit, market, and monetize their podcasts.

McLoughlin took what she has learned at Multitude Productions and her other podcasting experience to create How to Write a Podcast Marketing Plan. As you take this course, you’ll build a plan of your own. This online podcast class is especially beneficial for producers who are struggling to expand the reach of their podcast.

3. Podcast Now

Need more structure? Podcast Now is a twelve-week class that can guide you through each step in the podcast process. Whether you have an idea that you need to flesh out, you want to learn to podcast, or you need help marketing your podcast, this masterclass will provide the tools you need to make your podcast a success.

This podcast class offers 52 video lessons, downloadable resources, and access to a podcasting community. Choose from a nonfiction or a fiction track, and you will find everything you need to carry your podcast from an idea to its launch. Podcast Now is a great option for beginners who are just getting started.

When you use Podcast Now, you can trust that you are getting reliable information that will get results. Sarah Werner, the creator of Podcast Now, founded the podcast Write Now, has years of experience with podcasting and marketing. The strategies and tools incorporated in Podcast Now are ones she has used to grow her own podcast.

4. The Podcast Fellowship

The Podcast Fellowship is a summer program for students that teaches how to create a one-of-a-kind podcast from scratch. If you are passionate about a topic or field of study and want to take active steps toward growth in these areas, this program is a worthwhile choice.

Students will benefit as they learn from the creators of this program, Alex DiPalma and Seth Godin. DiPalma, who has worked on such shows as Akimbo and Food 4 Thot, and Godin, who Akimbo host and marketing expert, are successful podcastors whose expertise will be invaluable.

Selected students will learn to podcast as they interact with DiPalma and Godin, complete the assigned work. They will also be able to learn from their online community. This course also offers techniques and strategies that can be used to develop an original podcast. By the end of this course, students will have created several episodes of their very own show.

5. Audio Fiction 101

Do you want to make a podcast, or just deepen your appreciation of the medium? Audio Fiction 101 dives into every aspect of creating great stories and solving narrative challenges in audio.

Brought to life by the team behind Wolf 359, the Audio Fiction 101 crew has a deep understanding of audio drama, but this class is for anyone interested in creating or thinking about storytelling and podcasts–including non-fiction podcast creators!

Audio Fiction 101 is a self-guided online class comprised of 36 videos + supplementary teaching materials. Can't afford the class? Make sure to check out their scholarship program!