Podcast Hosting Reviews: Simplecast vs. Megaphone

2 min read

Choosing a hosting service for your podcast might seem like an easy enough decision, but we know it can take time. Your hosting platform can greatly influence your experience  and success as a creator. When looking for the perfect hosting service, you should seek out that makes the process painless for users so that they can focus on creating great shows for their audience. Different platforms have different approaches to this. Not all are created equal, and not all are right for you!

Team Member Management

We know that most serious podcast creators and publishers will eventually grow their team to help them create their show–and that’s why we make team delegation easy! With Simplecast, you can manage multiple shows from your account, and delegate responsibilities and access easily, with three layers of permission. Now your social media manager doesn’t have access to billing, and your analysts can see all your stats without worrying about messing up your show notes, while you keep an eye on it all.

Data and Analytics

Simplecast prides itself on offering the most robust and granular data of any podcast hosting service on the market. With Simplecast, you can go far beyond number of plays and number of downloads. Dive into the number of unique listeners you receive for each episode, the geographic locations your audience listens from, and even the types of devices they use, and how much of your show they're listening to. You also have the option to download and export your data for further analysis outside of Simplecast.

Megaphone has a suite of tools that focus on the advertising side of their business, offering things like how many ad impressions were made during your show’s commercial breaks. That's certainly nice, but without IAB Certification (which Simplecast has), there's no way to ensure your numbers aren't being inflated, or to present them to potential advertisers with confidence.

Customer Support

Simply put, Simplecast offers the best customer support you’ll find on any hosting platform. We offer live chat with a real person -- often a podcaster just like you! -- seven days a week. Additionally, our goal is not just to host your podcast, but to provide resources and education to help you make it the best you possibly can.

We offer continuing education for our members, including webinars with podcasting experts that cover all kinds of helpful topics. Subscribers to our enterprise level receive exclusive educational offerings and preferential customer support, ensuring that they’re always on the leading edge.