Podcast Hosting Review: Simplecast vs Messy.fm

3 min read

Any podcaster knows that creating a great show is about more than just the content you produce. You need to promote your show, to have access to and understanding of analytics, and to have overall support from your podcast host–which is why you’re researching podcast hosts now, right? So let’s talk about Messy.fm–it has a super interesting pricing structure that we haven’t really seen before. But is it right for you?


Messy’s pricing is almost completely a la carte–you can start publish your podcast with unlimited bandwidth for “free,” but to have a polished product, you need to pony up. That’ll include paying to remove Messy’s ads from your podcast ($5/mo), paying to access your analytics ($5/mo), and paying to embed your podcast somewhere else ($5/mo). For a free service, you’re already paying exactly what you would on Simplecast’s  $15 basic plan where all of that is already included, plus more.

Access to Analytics

When you join Simplecast with your show, you receive comprehensive listener metrics to help your show thrive. Not only do you get a list of your downloads by date, but you also receive analytics on your audience down to the city they are in. You can also track their listening methods, so you know where to promote your show. All of these great analytics are available as part of your $15/month fee. You don’t have to pay anything extra to receive this data.

In contrast, as outlined above, you need to pay $5 to access Messy’s analytics, which covers total downloads, downloads by episode, and downloads by date. It appears there’s currently no geographical or platform data in Messy. By contrast, Simplecast has beautiful dynamic maps to help you get a sense of where your listeners are tuning in from, plus webplayer analytics and unique listeners


Messy offers several podcasting coaching sessions for about ~$75 for half an hour, with a small discount if you buy them as part of a bundle. We definitely realize the need for continuing education around podcast creation–you might have questions, and we definitely want your podcast to be a success! That’s why we have a full-time, dedicated support team made up of podcast creators who are always there to help your show grow and thrive. Beyond offering product support, we also offer 1-2 interactive webinars per week, with either our support team, or an outside expert. Questions are always welcome! And if you’d like to find a community of like-minded podcast creators who are there to support you, guest on your show, or offer their best practices, you can join our Simplecast Members Forum or New Podcast Creators groups. We’re wedded to your continued success as a podcaster, so our “coaching” is included in your monthly subscription.

A Track Record of Success

We totally understand podcasters who are looking at newer platforms to host their shows–it makes sense to always be on the lookout for new ways to help your platform grow! However, since Simplecast has been around since 2013, we have  a track record of success–we power your favorite indie podcasters, as well as larger brands, and have the flexibility and strength to do both. Additionally, with a dedicated team of 20+, we’re constantly innovating, and always there for you.

Looking to make a switch? Start your two-week free trial today! When you’re ready to go steady, use code MESSY to get a month free when you start a yearly plan.