Podcast Hosting Reviews: Simplecast vs. Blubrry

2 min read

Finding the perfect podcast host can be as difficult as finding your soulmate. You need a host that understands your needs, wants to help you grow, and can be there for you in sickness and in health–no, sorry, that’s last part is about a spouse. Anyways–when it comes to finding the best podcast host, it sounds like you’re ready to compare Blubrry and Simplecast. Let’s get to it!


While Blubrry is known for its generous storage and bandwidth, their pricing still depends upon how much storage you need per month. The lowest program starts at $12 a month, but only offers 100 MB of storage. You can get up to 1000 MB of storage for $80 a month. If you want unlimited storage, you’ll need to sign on to an enterprise option, which is the “Professional” professional. You will need to contact a sales representative from the company to create a price point that meets your company’s needs.

In contrast, Simplecast offers unlimited storage per show for starting at $15 per month. This low price gets you unlimited bandwidth, storage, and all of the amazing features Simplecast offers. When reviewing Blubrry, cost was continually a huge factor in creator access. With Blubrry, to get to Simplecast parity, you’ll have to spend over $100 a month.


If you want your show to grow, it is imperative that you receive vital statistics about your show. Analytics are important for making higher quality content, connecting with your audience, and preparing for monetization. Simplecast gives you all the information you need–without the extra cost. When you host your show with Simplecast, you will be able to map your audience down to the city in which they reside. You are also able to break down analytics based on listener location by country, their preferred listening method, as well as the breakout of app plays versus web plays. Simplecast also breaks down your total downloads per day, week, and the total % change overtime. We also offer web player analytics, Unique Listeners, and retention data.

This may seem like a lot of data, but all can help your show thrive. The better you understand your audience, the more you can adapt to their interests.  If you want these advanced analytics from Blubrry, you will have to shell out some cash. They offer some basic analytics for free, like total downloads. However, if you want country and region demographics and trending information, you are going to have to pay an extra $5 per month. On top of that, if you want a network overview, or partial and complete download reporting, you are going to have to purchase the enterprise package.

Looking to make a switch? Start your two-week free trial today! When you’re ready to go steady, use code BLUBRRY to get a month free when you start a yearly plan.