Enhance Audio Campaign Efficiency With Predictive Pacing

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Imagine this: a data-powered system that uses past trends data to predict what will happen in the future, applying that information to adjust ad delivery and steer your campaign toward its ultimate goal. 

Predictive Pacing does exactly that while easing the publisher’s campaign journey and ensuring audio ads are delivered optimally in real time. 

More About Predictive Pacing

This feature, powered by AudioServe, also uses data to avoid inventory variations. So, if it detects a high discrepancy in inventory, it quickly adjusts the delivery to ensure each campaign meets its unique objectives. 

Why is this so important for successful ad campaign management? 

Podcast inventory is often prone to disparities. Shows can be produced with irregularity (like taking a break during holiday periods or creating bonus episodes around peak seasons like the Olympics). With Predictive Pacing, any underperforming campaigns won't hinder the campaign's objectives or affect the advertiser and publisher. 

Some Other Perks

  • Maximize campaign delivery: map your campaign’s pace to the rhythm of your inventory volumes to hit your targets.
  • Boost revenue: monetize every opportunity to increase revenue and deliver in full for your demand partners. 
  • Increase efficiency: leverage an adaptive pacing system that changes the rhythm in real-time.

Key Capabilities

  • Optimized delivery: combine past trends, accurate forecasts, and real-time traffic data to deliver impressions at the optimal time.
  • Flexible pacing: ensure any inventory variation is caught on time and accounted for in your campaign delivery.
  • Streamlined workflow: all it takes is one click to set up Predictive Pacing.
  • Real-time recovery system: leverage multiple safety nets that constantly check available inventory to make sure you recover all missing impressions.

By leveraging this technology, publishers and resellers can maximize their impact and reach their target audience with precision.

Read more about how Predictive Pacing works here.