Get to Know Simplecast's New Analytics and Pricing

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We spend a lot of time hanging out with and talking to podcasters, so we’ve gotten to know what you want from your podcast host–and almost across the board, the #1 thing on your wishlists have been more in-depth analytics.

We get it! Analytics are the engine that drives your show–without them you can’t demonstrate growth, sell ad inventory, or make informed decisions about what’s next.

It’s for this reason we’re so excited for you to try out the new Simplecast. You’re finally able to understand your listeners better by seeing where they’re listening from, what they’re listening on, how they’re listening, when they’re listening, and what they’re listening to–including granularity down to the hour.

Your new analytics are IAB 2.0 compliant, so your numbers are industry-standard right out of the box. If you’re using Recast®, you can soon see and track which parts of your episodes are shared, where and how, so you can see and understand how your episodes go viral. Your new analytics will also make it easy to compare episodes. And, of course, exportable reports–lots and lots of reports. We've finally made enterprise-scale analytics affordable for podcasters everywhere. ‌‌

We think they’re the best, and we’re currently undergoing an audit for IAB Certification to prove it. For creators who have trusted Simplecast prior to the launch of our new platform, we have been tracking data with increased granularity and IAB compliancy since May 2017, so when you upgrade to the all new Simplecast, your numbers upgrade with you.‌‌

And if you’ve already been a Simplecast customer, nothing will change–if you don’t want it to. After you migrate from the old Simplecast to the new, you’ll retain feature parity on a custom $12/mo grandfathered plan, made special just for you.‌‌ Get the full rundown here.

We can’t wait for you to see the all new Simplecast and everything we have to offer! That’s why, when you migrate your account over from the old Simplecast, you’ll have–at no additional cost–a full 30-day preview of the brand new Audience Analytics for 30 days. Get to know it, grow to love it, and decide if you want to upgrade to one of our new advanced plans to keep access to the gloriously granular analytics the all new Simplecast has to offer. If not, no worries! Enjoy the fully reengineered, more powerful Overview Analytics and much, much more!‌‌

Here’s the rundown on our new pricing plans:‌‌

Basic - $15 a month

For beginners or early stage shows needing distribution tools to all listening platforms, alongside the bare necessities for publishing your podcast: basic listener analytics, shareable players, Recast, and even a beautiful website.

Some highlights of the plan:

  • Unlimited storage space & uploads
  • One-touch distribution to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and more
  • Basic analytics
  • Includes show & individual episode reports, top episodes chart, top listening apps, top countries, popular time of day, and total recasts shared
  • Branded website with episode page
  • Recast®, our creator & listener-powered audiogram tool‌‌

Essential - $35 a month

Ideal for growing shows needing access to more detailed analytics and a better understanding of their listeners’ habits across devices and geographic locations - say hello to Audience. Additional website tools and an all-new embeddable Show Player give you the essentials necessary to continue growing your audience.

Essential includes everything from Basic, PLUS:

  • Essential analytics
  • Includes customizable download charts, popular day/time matrix, compare up to two episodes, interactive location data with states and provinces, detailed apps and browsers, and device types.
  • Branded website with episode page + one custom page
  • Team Management: Account owner + one team member
  • Standard, Slim, and Playlist embeddable players

Growth - $85 a month

For shows or networks needing the most granular of audience analytics, listening habits, drop-off points, Recast sharing analytics, social referrers, and the ability to collaborate with your growing team. Expand your team, your web presence, your listenership, and so much more. Cross-show episode comparisons coming soon!

The Growth plan includes everything from Basic & Essential, PLUS:

  • Growth analytics
  • Includes comparing up to four episodes, listening device details, and the cities and metro areas of your listeners.
  • Branded website with episode page + three custom pages
  • Team Management: Account owner + four team members
  • Standard, Slim, and Playlist embeddable players

Professional - $250 a month

For chart-topping shows, networks, and enterprise publishers ready to streamline workflows across teams, improve efficiency in reporting, along with the most granular analytics possible - study your audience day by day, hour by hour across devices, location and more. Simplecast Professional is an enterprise-level solution with our most in-depth analytics and collaboration tools.

  • Expanded analytics
  • Branded Network website with custom pages
  • Team management: Account owner + nine team members
  • Standard, Slim, and Playlist embeddable players‌‌‌‌

In order to grow your audience, refine your show, and demonstrate success, you need to know who’s listening when, where, how–and how that compares. We’re just as certain that Simplecast’s new analytics are the strongest on the market as we are that they’ll help your show (or shows!) grow and succeed–that is, really really certain.

We can’t wait for you to get to try them out for yourself!

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