Simplecast Team Spotlight: Grace

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Where are you based?


What's most exciting to you in podcasting as a whole?

There’s so much flexibility for creative storytelling in this medium without the constraints of a word count or tv block.  I’ve always loved long-form interviews where you have an opportunity to really understand how someone thinks.  Similarly, I really enjoy documentaries that dig into a complex subject for the audience.  Audio has proven to be an incredible medium for both of these use cases, and I find the increased openness and honesty in podcasting that you don’t typically get from a short interview or highly produced doc is super unique, fun, and refreshing.  

What were you doing before you started at Simplecast?  

I worked in a division of NBC News that produced educational content and made the news and archival content available to the education market.  When I graduated from college, I worked at a high school in East Harlem -- it was when I was in the classroom, trying to keep the attention of high school students, that it really clicked to me how powerful different forms of media are as an educational tool.  

When people ask you for podcast recommendations, what do you tell them?

Completely depends on the person! Song Exploder was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to many years ago, and I think it’s still awesome.  Armchair Expert is always another fun one.  For my relatives who don’t entirely grasp podcasting yet, for example, I’ve suggested Conan O’Brien’s podcast -- I know he will at minimum make them laugh!  

Who in the podcasting industry inspires you?  

Definitely the individual and independent creators -- I admire the creativity, discipline and hustle required to produce a show and build an audience.  

What's your favorite (or newest favorite!) podcast?  

I just binge-listened to Wind of Change - thank you to those folks for filling up my entire Sunday last weekend.  Lately I’ve also been listening to Mike Birbiglia’s new podcast and SmartLess. I also try to keep up on different business podcasts, like Morning Brew’s Business Casual, Erika Nardini’s Token CEO, and How I Built This.

What do you do on your off-hours?  

In more normal times, I love to travel, go to stand up comedy shows and concerts, and explore new restaurants in LA with friends.  In our current covid era, I’m reading a lot, watching the tv shows I’ve always had on my list (just finished The Sopranos!), going on jogs and walks around my neighborhood, and trying to keep in touch with my friends and family!