Summer 2022: Marry Your Money to a Podcast Crowdfund

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It’s time to support independent audio drama! Here are four podcasts funding their first or second season this summer. Support artists and get some cool perks in return! I have been given a soapbox to tell you all about these shows and I will not step down until you give them money.

Afflicted: A Horror Thriller Audio Drama

A small Texas town suffers natural disasters that are anything but natural. Afflicted is a horror thriller audio drama best described as Lovecraft Country meets True Blood, and it’s being made by the team behind NIGHTLIGHT, the IGNYTE 2021 winner for Best Fiction Podcast. In the interest of paying everyone involved a living wage, the first season of Afflicted is only going to be made if they reach their goal of $17,000 on Indiegogo. But if they do, you’ll have a new spooky podcast to listen to in October! The first season is set to have 10 episodes, and it sounds extremely good. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer below. Supporters can get script PDFs, stickers, a Frizzled Hen Cocktail recipe, and an invite to a virtual launch party!

Crowdfund End Date: 7/17


Gossip Girl meets Greek mythology in Los Angeles. Echobox is a LGBTQ+ Greek mythology retelling fiction podcast. In a world where the gods are music stars, and the Olympians are a celebrity family akin to the Kardashians, Alex – or Echo, her alias on the internet – is a nobody. But a mic set, a messy breakup with her boyfriend Narcissus, and a lot of spite gets her to start a podcast that will make the Olympian family’s lives a living hell. Season 1 was a passion project, but they’re funding the 10-episode second season on Ko-Fi with a goal of $3,575. Supporters of the show can get stickers, blooper reel access, annotated scripts, and episode shout outs! You can listen to the first episode below and find transcripts here.

Crowdfund End Date: 6/16

RADIO: Outcast

RADIO: Outcast, where disco meets desert shootouts, is an audio drama harkening back to when listeners all over the world would gather around the radio for shows like Gunsmoke or War of the Worlds. This queer and BIPOC-led fantasy-western audio drama highlights those who often go unheard or ignored in the Western and fantasy genres, especially queer Black and Indigenous people of color. Season one was funded entirely out of pocket, but the team is funding the second season on Indiegogo with a goal of $5,500. Supporters of the show can get a digital copy of the season 1 score, a sticker pack, an art print, and an invite to an advanced listening party! You can listen to the first episode below and find transcripts here.

Crowdfund End Date: 6/26

Life with LEO(h)

Life with LEO(h) takes place in a future version of Los Angeles where robots are commonplace. It’s a story about love, consent, friendship, and free will, told through the hijinks of a highly ethical lawyer who suddenly has an illegal love-bot in her custody. They’re raising $11,200 on Indiegogo to pay their cast for 8 episodes, with additional stretch goals to pay their crew. But fear not – if these stretch goals aren’t reached, Atypical Artists will ensure the crew is paid. Season two will wrap up the show, giving us an answer  to the question “Is there a path to true love for their misaligned software?” Supporters can get a personalized voice message, a year-long subscription of Atypi-pals, a book from Ripped Bodice, and a show sticker! You can listen to the first episode below, and find transcripts here.

Crowdfund End Date: 7/21

Tal is a nonbinary voice actor, sound designer, and fiction podcast producer. They're the creator of Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, Someone Dies In This Elevator, and several other productions that can be found hiding under rugs and around corners. Follow them on twitter @starplanes and find more of their work at