Simplecast Team Spotlight: Aimi

2 min read

Where do you live?

Houston, TX.

How long have you been working for Simplecast?

Since July 2022.

If you remember, what was the first podcast you listened to?

Pod Save America.

What's the last podcast you listened to? Why were you listening to it?

Absolutely Not with Heather McMahan.  She's a comedian and every week she goes through her list of "absolutely yes" and "absolutely not" moments. The show also has a hotline and Heather will go through voicemails from callers with their "absolutely yes" or "absolutely not" moments.  I think laughter is medicine and this show and Heather's brand of humor helps me giggle through the hard times, and feel less alone because we are allll going through it together.  

What's your favorite thing to help customers with?

I'm a solutions-oriented person and it makes me happy to help people solve complex problems with simple solutions (no pun intended, I promise!). But for real, helping our customers do something easier or more efficiently or elevated to the next level is what I enjoy the most about my role and the work I'll be doing.

What's one tip you wish you could give all podcasters?

Be you.  There's a podcast for every subject and there's a podcast for every person, no matter what they're interested in, but there is only one you.  YOU are the magic and your authenticity is THE thing.

What blog post/newsletter/youtube video/conference/etc has been the most inspiring or helpful to you?

Hot Pod is my go-to newsletter for weekly news.  So far I've only attended Podcast Movement and I'm really looking forward to attending Evolutions, The Podcast Show, Blk Pod Festival and She Podcasts Live next year.

What’s exciting to you about working in podcasting?

It's exciting to work in a medium that is really all about the content.  I'm amazed at the depth of storytelling and the content creators I've come across through podcasts.  There's not another medium where you can hear these stories or listen to and engage with these types of conversations and it's really inspiring to me.  I hope to give as much as I learn in this space.

What do you most want to see happen within the podcasting world in the next year?

I hope to see this space continue to diversify and have representation from all groups and all people from content creators to the highest levels of bureaucracy and the business side.  I think podcasting is a space where it can happen and other industries can learn from the work being done over here.  

What did you want to grow up to be when you were a little kid?

A lawyer.  I wanted to be a litigator at center stage in court arguing my case. Ha!

Where’s your next vacation spot?

Portugal.  I'm visiting The Azores, Porto and Lisbon.  Open to suggestions on where to go next!