Simplecast Team Spotlight: Toby

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Whether you've seen them in your inbox, at an event, or on a webinar, you've probably met someone on Team Simplecast! Here's your chance to get to know them a little better. Today we've got Toby Goodshank, product support specialist!

Where do you live?

I live in NYC, currently representing Queens County!

How long have you been working for Simplecast?

I’ve been with Simplecast for three wonderful, extremely educational months.

What was the first podcast you listened to?

I think it was Serial!

What's the last podcast you listened to?

I was checking out The Podcast Dude, by Simplecast’s own Aaron Dowd. I highly recommend it!

What's your favorite thing to help customers with? / What's your favorite thing to help people do with Simplecast?

I love sharing information with our customers to help them find success with their shows! Directing them towards a plan that feels right for them, providing literature to help them while they’re just starting out, everything. My hope is to help my team to make any podcaster’s journey an easy, pleasurable experience.

What's one tip you wish you could give all podcasters?

I would implore anyone to not stop doing what they love. Creative people sometimes get discouraged, and I feel that it’s important to try to push through those low points whenever possible.

What blog post/newsletter/youtube video/conference/etc has been the most inspiring or helpful to you?

I’m in awe of the weekly webinars being given by our Support Team. Each member of the team is so kind, and each is a wellspring of useful knowledge. I aspire to be able to contribute in a similar way in the not-too-distant future!

Why did you start working in podcasting?

I have a strong background in customer support and I love creative endeavors, which is what drew me to Simplecast. I’m not a podcaster as of yet, but I love audio recording and listening to old-timey radio drama, so I can easily see myself making a few episodes of something fun and purely for my own enjoyment.

What are you most excited to see in the podcasting world in the next year?

The podcasting world is fascinating to me in that everything is growing and changing so rapidly. I’m really new to this world, and am excited to see how things take shape in general. I’m super excited for all of the great new features that Simplecast rolls out for our customers, please stay tuned everyone!

What did you want to grow up to be when you were a little kid?

An astronaut, which I now find terrifying! I’m pretty pleased with my earthbound life choices.

What's your sun, moon & rising sign?

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Taurus (not that I would know because I’ll never go there), Virgo Rising :D

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