Spend This Veterans Day with Home Base Nation

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We were so excited and inspired to hear about Home Base's new show, Home Base Nation. Home Base was founded in 2009 out of a partnership between Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital. Since then, they've been working with a multi-disciplinary team to help homecoming veterans recover from the invisible wound of war: traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress, and related injuries. Home Base helps veterans regardless of their pay, and operates on a unique model: care is available to parents, children, and extended family. "Our integrated team of child and adult psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists, nurses and nurse practitioners, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, licensed clinical social workers, addictions specialists, and peer-to-peer outreach coordinators – all of whom are Veterans and/or Family Members of the Post-9/11 wars – work together to ensure that Veterans and their Families receive or are connected to appropriate and uniquely-tailored care."

Since it's founding ten years ago, Home Base has helped more than 21,000 Veterans and family members and trained more than 73,000 clinicians, educators, first responders and community members – all at no cost.

Their podcast, Home Base Nation, brings discussions on thriving beyond surviving, and conversations with the civilian and military leaders of a grateful nation, who have been listening to our veterans and military families, and creating service for those who have served. Their first episode features award-winning journalist and New York Times Bestselling author Sebastian Junger, who has seen first-hand the cost of war, and he knows the impact that battlefield trauma has on soldiers.

Future episodes have an incredibly inspiring lineup that listeners can look forward to. As per the Boston Globe, "Shaggy will take part in Home Base Nation, a podcast hosted by Dr. Ron Hirschberg that will launch on Veterans Day. Besides Shaggy, podcast guests will include filmmaker Spike Lee; author Sebastian Junger; Bob Woodruff, the ABC anchor who was badly injured in Iraq, and his wife, Lee; Sergeant Kirstie Ennis, a Marine, Afghanistan combat vet, and paralympian; and Travis Mills, a soldier who lost his limbs in Afghanistan."

Listen here.