What can you do with an additional RSS feed? We’ve got six ideas.

2 min read

Just a few days ago, we were so excited to reveal a new feature for our customers–Multiple RSS Feeds! (If you missed the announcement, catch up right here.) If you had already been brainstorming what you could do for your show with an extra RSS feed or two, you’re all set, but if you need some ideas or inspiration, we’re here to help! Check out the list below for a few different ways to use Multiple RSS Feeds for your podcast.

Early releases

Want to give your subscribers early access? What about an early release for media and press coverage? With a secondary RSS feed, episodes can be scheduled to go live at two different times.

Higher-quality audio

Do it for the audiophiles in your audience! If you think they’d be interested in a higher quality upload of your show, you can leverage your secondary RSS feed and make sure all that foley really shines.

Ad-free feeds

Okay, yes, this is probably the use case that jumped out at most people first. You can leverage this for subscribers or patrons only, or schedule the ad-free feed to publish following your feed with ads after a certain amount of time.

Non-Explicit or Explicit Feeds

If your podcast has a wide range of ages listening to it, you might get concerned about any expletives that crop up in your show–so why not make a family-friendly feed for those sensitive ears? Or if your usually squeaky clean show has a particularly colorful guest on, you can put the explicit version in your secondary feed.

Bloopers & Behind the Scenes Content

Bloopers and behind the scenes content didn’t die with the extinction of the DVD menu! Podcast listeners are still interested–and you can benefit! Use your extra RSS feed to showcase the shenanigans that happened while the mics were still rolling, or chat through the process of recording your episode.

Platform-specific content

If you want to refine your calls to action, you can do so with an extra RSS feed. Ask your Stitcher listeners to consider Stitcher Premium on that platform only!