What The Simplecast Team Listened To Last Month

2 min read

As you might expect for people that work at a podcasting company, we listen to a lot of podcasts. Here are a few from April.

Aaron Dowd, Customer Success Lead

There were two episodes I really liked! The first was WeCroak co-founder Hansa Bergwall on Recode Decode, talking about his app which... reminds you you're going to die five times a day.

The second was a recent episode of Making Sense with Sam Harris where Sam Harris speaks with Shane Parrish about some of the mental models that should guide our thinking and behavior.

Beejay Morgan, Head of Platform

I recently picked up Story Pirates again. It’s a light-hearted, goofy, kid-friendly show that we can listen to in the car. It’s simple enough for my kids to enjoy, but quirky enough to crack me and my wife up, too.

Ari Villegas, Designer

I listen to Bald Move's Game of Thrones podcast during GOT season. My new favorite thing podcast GOT-related is Winter is Crappening. It's a bunch of comedians recapping GOT.  I basically just listen to GOT discussions and theories all week until Sunday's episode!

Espree Devora, Director of Customer Experience

To Live and Die in LA is a real-time podcast docu-series, hosted by Rolling Stone journalist and author Neil Strauss takes Podcasting to the next level by covering an active missing person case surrounding a Hollywood starlet with an Insta perfect life.

Caitlin Van Horn, Marketing Manager

I know I'm a little late to the game here, but I wanted something spooky on a recent flight to Houston, so I started listening to The Black Tapes. Suffice to say, it's really hard to sleep in an unfamiliar apartment when you've been listening to non-stop tales of possessed kids, demons, and secret societies. My bad! That didn't stop me from recommending it to our Product Manager, Amy Marco, who's now midway through season one!