What'd the Simplecast Team Listen to in June?

3 min read

As you might expect for people that work at a podcasting company, we listen to a lot of podcasts. Here are a few from June.

Toby Goodshank, Customer Support Specialist

I've been enjoying Slice by Slice, where some folks "dissect and discuss horror films by categories and subgenres, such as slashers, vampires, franchises, and directors bodies of work."

Plus this super-DUPER geeky one about the Dune novels/franchise, "examining all things from the world of Frank Herbert's legendary Dune universe, including the classic books, movies, miniseries, games, documentaries, and ongoing novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. Maybe we will cover news, too, should it arise! Whether this is your first foray into the Dune universe or you are returning like a Duncan Idaho ghola, join us for a show beyond your dream and a podcast beyond your imagination." [Ed note: just in time for all that adaptation news!]

Caitlin Van Horn, Marketing Manager

I've been buying a lot of fringed clothes and listening to a lot of Orville Peck, so it only makes sense that I've also been listening to Caravan, a "Weird West audio adventure about going through hell with the people you love." There are supernatural bounty hunters and vigilante peace-keepers, and all the episodes are titled after Johnny Cash songs. As per usual, I finished most of the first season while cleaning my apartment. Yeehaw!

Addy Saucedo, Community and Education Manager

Yes! Trivial Warfare, "a weekly game shared by people all over the world that features all the same banter, jokes and fun that you share with your friends at your local quiz nights" got me through my weekend road trip. Focusrite just launched their podcast, "The Focusrite Pro Podcast, a monthly show that dives into the cutting-edge technology behind professional audio products."

Matt Rubin, Head of Product

I started listening to the podcast that everyone is listening to–The Shrink Next Door,
but I haven’t finished it yet. The show covers "veteran journalist Joe Nocera’s neighbor in the Hamptons, a therapist named Ike. Ike counted celebrities and Manhattan elites as his patients. He’d host star-studded parties at his eccentric vacation house. But one summer, Joe discovered that Ike was gone and everything he’d thought he’d known about his neighbor–and the house next door–was wrong."

Kristy Yeaton, Front End Developer

I listen to a lot of table top RPG content and one of my favorites is Jace Beleren Must Die. It is a D&D 5e actual play that uses the Ravnica setting (The Magic the Gathering setting). I really like how diverse the cast is and how well they compliment each other even in the very first episode. Will this party actually be able to defeat a Planeswalker? I doubt it but it’s sure fun to listen to them try.

Noah Stitelman, Director of Customer Support

I was listening to A Cast of Kings Game of Thrones podcast, but it's over now that the show is over. I read the Kotaku blog pretty religiously and follow a lot of their writers on Twitter, so I listen to Kotaku Split Screen, where "Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton, Jason Schreier, and Maddy Myers talk about all things gaming... and maybe more."  

Dane Cardiel, Director of Sales & Partnerships

I haven't listened to Curbed's Nice Try! podcast yet, but it’s queued up! I’m looking forward to learn about the obscure (failed) utopia’s people have tried to create through architecture. Vox does a great job with their podcasts, and the host Avery Trufelman has done some amazing work in podcasting — it should be a fun listen.

Aaron Dowd, Customer Support Specialist

I really enjoyed the companion podcast for HBO’s Chernobyl mini-series. It was a great behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show, and provided interesting context around the story and how the episodes were put together.

I’ve also recently discovered home improvement/repair podcasts. I don’t own a home at the moment but I do like learning about all the various aspects of maintaining and improving a home or living space.