What's New #OnSimplecast?

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We're always pumped about spotlighting new podcasts and new creators choosing Simplecast, but sometimes we tend to get a little USA-centric. In this installment of what's new on the platform, we thought we'd spend some time shouting out the international podcasts we've gotten to work with over the past few weeks.

Airborne Agency 🇳🇱

Based in the Netherlands, Airborne is an audio agency. In their words, "We help brands find their own sound, connecting them with the right audiences by making content that matters. That can be spoken word, music or other forms of sound. We are storytellers by nature. We create content people actually want to listen to, that is consistent in every form and supports brand objectives. With a digital DNA and a strategic mindset, we also know how to find the right audiences. Our work is nationally and internationally awarded."

You can see their work on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' podcast, The Journey, and the podcast from the Rijksmuseum, In het Rijks.

Vocal Fry Studios 🇨🇦

Honestly, what doesn't Vocal Fry do? They're a podcasting studio based in Toronto, and when they're not making thoughtful and thought-provoking podcasts for media brands, corporate clients and non-profits, they're incredibly good stewards of their podcasting community, doing things like Podcast Night School, a freelance producer roster, and offering skill workshops for creators of every level. They also have an absolutely killer blog.

Oh, and did we mention the podcasts? They've made shows for companies like Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Globe and Mail, RBC, Corby, Huffington Post Canada, and The Atkinson Foundation!

Papergram 🇫🇷

This Paris-based agency works with clients like Levi's and Maison Laget on their visual identity, but you can also catch their audio work at Métiers Rares, where they produce podcasts that celebrate the excellence and creativity of humans. You can listen to all that right here.

Deep Mind 🌍

Deep Mind is a team of scientists, engineers, machine learning experts and more, working together to advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence. They've made computers that figure out how to play 49 different Atari games from scratch just from seeing the pixels and score on the screen, and theur AlphaGo program was the first to beat a professional player at the ancient game of Go, a feat experts described as a decade ahead of its time. Deep Mind started as an interdisciplinary team based in London, and have opened labs across the UK, USA, Canada, and France

And they have a podcast, of course! The Deep Mind podcast answers questions like What’s AI? What can it be used for? Is it safe? And how do I get involved? Hosted by Dr. Hannah Fry, the show is an accessible doorway into the wide world of AI.

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