Hot Coaching in the Simplecast & AdsWizz Booth

A Podcast Movement 2023 Recap

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Throughout the week, our colleagues Traci DeForge of Produce Your Podcast and Jenn Trepeck of Salad with a Side of Fries conducted hot coaching sessions from the Simplecast and AdsWizz booth for Podcast Movement attendees. If you read our interview with them, you’ll know that Traci and Jenn are both kind and knowledgeable mentors with a wealth of experience from being long-time podcast creators.

Traci used to work in radio, and now runs a full-service marketing and distribution agency, Produce Your Podcast, which she began to fill the gap she saw at the time in these kinds of services for creators. Jenn, a client of Produce Your Podcast, started with a part-time self-employed business in health and nutrition coaching that became her full-time job with a flagship podcast, Salad with a Side of Fries.

Their sessions had a constant flow of folks looking for some insight from experts on everything from production work to marketing strategies to monetization ideas. Jenn and Traci were certainly kept busy! Below, you can read some ideas we got from them and see them in action at Podcast Movement!

Remember you have new listeners every episode

“I think there's something to be said for the entry points that you give new listeners, and recognizing that in every episode,” Trepeck says. “I think this applies to everybody…but especially as business owners and people looking to grow, every episode is potentially new listeners coming to you. If we forget, and we think that we're only talking to the people who are with us all the time, I think it's a big miss.”

Craft standalone pieces of content out of the work you have already done

Don’t make new work for yourself! Out of the episodes you’ve already designed, recorded, and edited, make standalone pieces of content. They can be easily transformed into shareable audio for social media, marketing packages to potential sponsors, or – most importantly for Trepeck and DeForge – entry points for new listeners.

Align your ethos with your sponsors and partners

Trepeck, who started with affiliate relationships built by her coaching business, notes the importance of ethos alignment. “I think one of the biggest things to do to ensure that any partnership or promotion is successful in terms of driving revenue for the show, and for the partner who wants to be earning something from the relationship, is the alignment and the authenticity of the product or service that you're talking about.”

1. Jenn and Traci recording a hot coaching session in the booth with Charlotte, who serves a niche audience of public health officials about communicating in plain language to the communities they serve.
2. Jenn and Traci in a studio hot coaching session with Jessica, who feels she's plateaued in terms of audience and downloads growth for her podcast amplifying voices of people of color.

3. Jenn and Traci recording in the Simplecast and AdsWizz booth.

4. Jenn and Traci in studio, recording their hot coaching with Dustin, whose interviews polymaths and is looking to reach new, different markets.
5. Jenn and Traci with a client in a session on the expo hall floor, Jenn explaining something and Traci looking up info on her phone.
6. A focused shot of Traci in studio during hot coaching with Susanne, who wants to know about finding audiences for her new show about the stories behind recipes.


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