Podcast Movement 2023 Recap: Key Takeaways

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Like she did last year at Afros & Audio, Aimi Knowling gave us a boots-on-the-ground recap and her observations about her time at Podcast Movement!

Altitude, alarms and all the steps your preferred motion-tracking-device could handle were just a few  things we saw, heard and experienced at Podcast Movement 2023.  Even without faux fire alarms there was plenty of buzz on the expo floor. There were the usual suspects of key terms across most attendee’s lists when it came to takeaways: video, monetization, and programmatic. But in between the AdsWizz-sponsored Monetization stage and recording sessions at the custom Studio built by the Simplecast and AdsWizz, teams, we heard a few other things, too: 

Alongside SXM Media, another SiriusXM sister company, we aimed to create a footprint that was intimate, innovative, and welcoming. In a massive conference hall filled with hundreds of people - some new faces, some familiar ones - smaller chats where we got to connect with attendees and hear about their podcasting journey was a top highlight for us. 

We were thrilled to have valued partners, clients, and experts join us for recorded interviews live from the expo floor (it is an audio conference, after all). We asked these experts to weigh in on the state of the state in podcasting and add their own color to the topic of monetization and the growth they expect to see in the future of podcasting.

Content Watch Alert
In the coming weeks, watch this space for transcriptions from our talks with Rita Bautista, Founder and CEO of Latina Podcasters Network. Our talk with Gavin Gaddis frequent contributor to the Simplecast blog, media critic, podcaster, and Head of Content at Sounds Profitable, is now live!

Speaking of monetization and programmatic, our team hosted clients on stage in two panel sessions to discuss both topics, alongside Simplecast and AdsWizz sales leaders Anne Frisbie and Grace Kane. Read the recap of Anne’s panel and the recap of Grace’s panel if you missed the sessions or couldn’t attend PM23.

Finally, it was amazing to meet with content creators and podcasters for Simplecast’s “Hot Coaching” activation in partnership with Traci DeForge, of Produce Your Podcast, and Jenn Trepeck, creator and host of Salad with a Side of Fries podcast. Content creators could fill out a submission form and receive on-the-spot coaching and tangible tips from Traci and Jenn to take home and apply to their existing or soon-to-be-launched podcasts. Providing real insights and custom feedback to help podcasters determine their next steps in marketing, monetization, and podcast production is exactly aligned with the foundation of why Simplecast was created ten years ago.

Simplecast’s mission is to provide podcasters of all shapes and sizes with industry-leading publishing, distribution, analytics, and sharing tools. That commitment remains unchanged. Our adtech solutions will become more advanced, the website will continue to optimize with the most pertinent information  to support our partners and those interested in podcast creation, and yes, we will continue to talk about monetization. We’re thankful for a great time at Podcast Movement 2023. And we’re thankful for ten years of happy podcasters. We hope you’ll stay with us for many more years to come!

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