Team Simplecast Spotlight: Kristy

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Whether you've seen them in your inbox, at an event, or on a webinar, you've probably met someone on Team Simplecast! Here's your chance to get to know them a little better. Today we've got Kristy Yeaton, our Senior Front End Developer!

Where do you live?
Portland, Maine

How long have you been working for Simplecast?
9 Months

What was the first podcast you listened to?
I watched Critical Role on Twitch before it was a podcast but I’m still going to count it as my first podcast.

What's the last podcast you listened to?
Jace Beleren Must Die. It’s the newest show from Roll20 Presents. I highly recommend it if you enjoy some silly D&D 5e game play.

What's your favorite thing to help customers with?
When we were first building 2.0 the new sites project was primarily coded by me. It was a lot of fun building the design to not only be fully responsive (automatically sized for any device) and interactive with our embed players but also able to be customized by our customers. We have a lot more plans for future improvements for Sites and I’m really looking forward to focusing on them soon.

What's one tip you wish you could give all podcasters?
As a person who tries to do creative things I know it can be hard to not get bogged down by negative feedback. Everyone gets negative feedback no matter how good their stuff is. Just try to take the good feedback to heart and try not to take the negative personally.

What blog post/newsletter/youtube video/conference/etc has been the most inspiring or helpful to you?
As a front end developer I read more articles than I can keep track of on CSS Tricks and Smashing Magazine. Also in 2016 I attended CSS Conf in Boston with my coworker Sarah (she works with us here now too). The conference had a lot of great talks some of my favorites being about web performance, CSS Grid and CSS variables.

Why did you start working in podcasting?
Having the opportunity to build products for creators is a huge thrill for me. It’s so fun to know a lot of podcasts I’m a fan of use the software I’ve helped built and that the tools we’ve worked on will improve the experience for them as well as help them increase their views.

What are you most excited to see in the podcasting world in the next year?
It’s been fun for me already seeing how much podcasting has picked up since I started working here only less than a year ago. As you may have guessed from some of the earlier questions I’m a big fan of RPG actual play content and I watch a lot of it on Twitch and Youtube as well as listen to podcasts. It’s been fun to see shows that only used to be on Twitch and Youtube also start distributing in podcast form. I’m excited to see podcasting grow more and how creators can generate revenue from it.

Where's your next vacation spot?
I have this itch to go to Japan but I also think I’ll end up somewhere else before that happens. I’m either going to Florida to Disney with friends or my parents want to do a cruise so I’ll end up on a tropical island somewhere.

What skill are you trying to learn in 2019?
Podcasting. I’ve never been on a podcast before and I’m looking forward to know what it’s like!

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